The Measure Of A Man…

“The measure of a man is what he does with power” – Plato quote loading screen, God Of War 3

A real life quote from an Ancient Greek philosopher found in a game about killing the Greek gods. You play as Kratos, a being of incredible strength and an appetite for destruction. All Kratos wants to do is kill Zeus in this game. This man seems like a crazed madman that just abuses his power and with each god he kills brings more destruction upon the world of men.

In the end Kratos opens Pandora’s box which supposedly contained all sorts of evils. In the box Kratos found hope which he used to give strength to mankind and break the cycle of needing gods and titans. In the end what Kratos did with power was a lot of good for others, freeing them of the abusive masters that controlled things proving that he was really a good man.

So many people are corrupted by power. Politicians, the rich, even lowly security guards can find some way to abuse their authority. Even those that say they’re doing good usually have something to gain.

We need to watch and see how people use the power they have, then judge them by their actions. It is hard to believe that there are any good people left in the world but anyone can have the power to make you smile so if they use it make sure it’s accounted for in your judgment of them. Anyone who selflessly does anything good for others is good to the people effected. Be a Kratos and bring others hope and strength.

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