Walking More

As my regular readers would be aware, I have been walking as a chosen exercise. I’m not trying to lose weight, instead I’m trying to build stamina. I desire to be able to walk five miles comfortably in one go, at least that’s my first goal.

Obviously my day-to-day life involves some walking but it’s not irregular for my body whereas these tracked walks are. I’ve been trying different routes that all involve uphill, downhill and flat and as the above shows I’m slowly creeping up towards my goal. Once I get there I’ll see what I’ll do next.

The tracker I’ve been using is MapMyWalk which I found on the Apple app store and it’s a decent enough fitness tracker if you’re bothered but I care more about distance and time than weight loss.

It’s good to see that I’m improving though and seeing it put in front of me it’s easier to desire to pursue it further.

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