Problem 2 – Faith

Another reason that I am not religious is faith. The dictionary has two definitions for faith according to Google. These are:

1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

2. strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.

I can completely disregard the first definition because I don’t think I’ve ever had much trust in anyone other than the idea that my parents will make sure I’m alright.

The second definition is about pure belief without fact or proof. This is the religious one. Many people do believe that their lives are in some way touched by God but in a lot of cases you could put it down to luck or some other variable.

As an example: I recently read something about a speeding car coming towards someone who was boxed in by other cars so couldn’t swerve out of the way, but at the last second before a sure to be fatal crash one car sped up and the crash became avoidable. The person put the fact that they were still alive down to the Christian God, they needed someone to thank and since they didn’t have the other driver on hand belief kicked in.

The story could be put down to the other driver seeing what would happen and acting to prevent it, that’s logical. But it could be luck and if we’re talking about all powerful invisible people then luck is a lady who could have worked with her friend Father Time to save a life. If we’re totally ignoring what is possible for the sake of belief then Father Christmas came early to push the other car out of the way as a special present just for the survivor.

There are hundreds of belief systems in the world. Some of the beliefs are regarded as religious, some are stories for children and others are seen as myth.

It’s hard to have proofless faithful belief in something like God when you’re told that other things are a lie, it’s just a bit hypocritical when you think about it. The church insists that we should believe in God but deny the Tooth Fairy because there’s no proof. The Christians took over feast days and holidays to make it easier for their influence to spread, an example being that Jesus’ birthday has been scientifically calculated to be closer to the middle of June than late December.

My problem with pure faith is that it’s hard to know what to have faith in. If you’re brought up with it then fine but if you see things like I do then it’s just not reasonable to have faith in one deity.

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