I Watched: Batman vs Superman

I finally got around to watching Batman vs Superman and it honestly wasn’t as bad as I had expected, but it also wasn’t as good as it could have been.

The setup was good. Superman finds out about Batman being a vigilante fighter and believing no-one is above the law decides he wants to stop him. Batman takes the idea that an all powerful being like Superman is too dangerous to operate unrestricted in case he turns evil so decides to bring him down. The two never really intend to battle properly, just to limit what each other can achieve. While all this is happening Lex Luthor is scheming behind the scenes. There’s also Wonder Woman popping up out of costume now and again.

Eventually Luthor’s scheming reaches its climax and Superman is forced to take on the well prepared, kryptonite wielding Batman. I do have a problem with the combat in the film because both Batman and Superman appear weaker than I think they should be and Batman is way too fond of guns.

In the end everyone is friends and the real threat appears which one again makes Superman look weak and shows Batman to be fairly pointless and cowardly. Against this monstrous villain only Wonder Woman stands any real chance, both able to defend herself and put in a decent attack. Superman puts in the final blow to put the beast down and Luthor is dealt with.

Heroes fight, big threat appears, everything wraps up. A fairly generic plot which establishes the connected universe well, as a first major film to connect a series it works pretty well. It is enjoyable enough as a film and I regret not watching it sooner.

My biggest issue with the film is Ben Affleck; I didn’t find him to be an interesting, charming Bruce Wayne and as Batman he went from being overly heavy handed to laughably weak to just plain cowardly. I like Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, they both come across quite well.

Another issue I have with this film is the title which put me off watching it for so long. Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, what were they thinking? Dawn Of Justice would have been a good title as it shows they’re starting a series and getting the Justice League together. The Batman vs Superman bit just makes it sound like a pointless action packed fight scene that doesn’t go anywhere.

I’m not really sure whether I liked the unhinged Lex Luthor but it was an interesting interpretation of the character and needs another film and more backstory before I make a real decision about him.

Overall, I do think this was a decent superhero movie from DC. I got sick of superheroes with Marvel but this film might have drawn me back. Although it isn’t perfect, it does have some clever ideas and I want to see the sequels that come out of it.

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