Life Is Strange – Good

Life Is Strange is one of those games that’s like an interactive movie. Like many games of the style it has five parts or episodes. This particular game follows the story of Max and Chloe, two teenage girls who deal with the effects of time travel, hunt for their friend and deal with the awfulness that is teenage life.

I personally don’t find much interest in the troubles of teenage girls so it took a lot for me to give this one a proper go. When I did I saw some interestingly written characters that all seem fairly complex, especially since I watched a playthrough on YouTube and they made different choices to what I did meaning more than one playthrough is needed to fully experience everything properly. Some choices were meaningless but on the whole there were enough differences in the two playthroughs for me to be tempted to have a third go.

The story revolves around rewinding time which is Max’s special power. This power is nice in concept for real life and also a decent game mechanic that allows for taking back regrettable choices, creating dramatic scenes and helping with keeping certain actions secret. A missing girl and a photography class as well as a boy who is a rich nasty child, and a creepy security guard all prove important as the plot goes on.

The game also handles love in an interesting way. There is a lesbian relationship developing between the two main girls and I don’t like liberal thinking ideology to be forced onto me but the way this one progressed it felt natural and was never too direct. I can respect this approach as it didn’t leave me feeling uncomfortable. The character development between the girls is very good leaving both of them quite likeable by the end of the game.

There are minor puzzle elements to this game, many being the key to finding the collectible photographs that Max can take. Ten photographs appear in each episode which makes them nicely spread out.

Other characters and conversations all add to the game in minor ways and it proves to be quite a well constructed video game world. The game does have to follow a story so it is limited in how much effect you can have on how things go but each little interaction is something else to experience.

As for glitches and problems, the only real issue is that sometimes when a character was talking their mouth wouldn’t move, a little immersion breaking but not a major issue for me.

Overall, this is pretty great within this style of game but I prefer the Borderlands, Walking Dead and A Wolf Among Us than the teenage girl story.

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