Quick Game Reviews – Abzu, Where The Bees Make Honey, The Bridge

Abzu – Average – Abzu is a third person swimming exploration game. The game has a nice graphic style with lots of pretty colours. The swimming mechanics worked well, it was easy to control and quite impressive compared to some games I’ve played. The problems with Abzu are that it’s just about observing and collecting and it’s only around two hours long unless you’re a full completionist. It was good and relaxing in its way but there just wasn’t enough of it to enjoy plus there’s the risk that just moving for a few hours could get boring if you’re not in the mood for it.

Where The Bees Make Honey – Terrible – this is a game about a woman who is sick of the boring life that she has and uses her memory and imagination to relive childhood dreams. It’s a good idea with short puzzles, a rabbit exploration level, an RC car level and a section where you need to dodge enemies. It could be a nice short game that reminds us that we’re all a child at heart but instead no effort has been made with so many parts of the game making it feel pointless or broken. I couldn’t finish this one but if it had been made at a higher quality it could have been good.

The Bridge – Good – The Bridge is a gravity/physics based puzzle game about a 2D man trying to go through doors. It has a very beautiful hand drawn art style and some of the simplest controls I’ve seen in a long time (literally just left, right and the triggers). As with any good puzzle game it has obstacles and it has a rewind function in case you go a bit wrong. It becomes a bit challenging but because the idea is so simple the levels are short enough that you don’t lose much progress if you quit through frustration. It is well made for as far as I’ve played but I’m not sure that I can call it fun.

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