Recipe: Creamy Beef Pasta

For our tea today my family had burgers. I didn’t want them cooked in the oven like my dad was doing, they always go quite hard and dry. Instead I decided to go for a softer texture and to focus on flavour more.

So what did I do? Well, it was an experiment with food that could have gone terribly wrong but I enjoyed the creamy meaty pasta more than I would have liked dry burger, mash and beans. Below I’ll write instructions for cooking for one:

You’ll need: pasta, fresh burgers, stock cubes, Dairylee cheese triangles, a frying pan, a saucepan, a stirring implement, a kettle, a jug and a colander.

Put some pasta on to boil. (Only enough for one remember)

Take a fresh burger or two and slice them up into chunks.

Fry the burger chunks in a frying pan (just enough to get the meat visibly cooked on the outside), keeping the meat soft and take it off the heat when it looks alright. Don’t overdo it.

When the pasta is nearly cooked boil water in a kettle and use a beef stock cube to make 200ml – 300ml of liquid stock.

Pour the stock into the pan with burger in. Turn the heat back on so it stays well heated but doesn’t bubble violently.

The pasta should be cooked by now so rinse it in a colander. Pour the now dry-ish pasta into the stock and meat filled frying pan.

Add two Dairylee cheese triangles to the pasta and stir the stock, meat and pasta together until the cheese melts into the stock and makes it thicken.

You should be left with nicely flavoured pasta and a nice creamy sauce. (Adding more liquid stock and cheese will mean more sauce). You can plate up and eat.

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