Thank You Quill

I was happy today. I don’t mean that I laughed or felt particularly loved, I mean I got so into something so much that I lost track of time. I had the sort of happiness that was childlike, not a care in the world.

I’ve been going through movies, TV, YouTube, jigsaw puzzles, writing and many console games like I’ve been looking for something and never knew what it was. I finally found it. What I wanted and will always want is to lose myself, for my overactive mind to leave me alone so I can find peace with myself.

I plugged my VR set in again today because of the free games PlayStation have been giving away. Moss is a game that’s been on my list for a while but it was always too expensive for me to risk wasting money on. Moss is one of the games that was free and is just for VR.

Anyway, Quill is the protagonist of Moss and she is a sword wielding mouse who goes on an adventure with the aid of the player who must help her by completing puzzles that block her path.

I often turn a game off after a few minutes, maybe half an hour if I’m getting into it because they all seem to drag on forever and I’m getting bored easily. I took my VR headset off because I needed the toilet and saw that I’d been playing Moss for an hour and twenty minutes but it felt like no time had gone by. I lost myself focusing on a virtual mouse and I was happy in a way that I haven’t been in a long while.

I went and made a curry to give my eyes a rest and as soon as I was done I ran right back to that pixelated mouse.

I calmed my overactive mind and it didn’t start up again for a good few hours. I found peace. I found happiness. So thank you Quill for sharing your adventure, thank you Polyarc for making Moss and thank you PlayStation for the creation of my VR set and the free game. This has done me a lot of good.

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