Recipe: Spinach Lasagne

As a writer I’m not too bad. However I’ll admit that I’m not a good community blogger. I rarely take time to look at other blogs but I do prioritise looking at the blogs of commenters. I found a spinach lasagne recipe here on Tanvi Bytes. I read the recipe and it seemed interesting but maybe not as simple as I’d have liked, so using that as inspiration I made my own version.

You will need: lasagne sheets, basil, spinach, a tin of chopped tomatoes, two cheese triangles, cheddar grated cheese, two saucepans, a stirring implement, spoons, an oven proof dish and tin foil.

Open the tomatoes and put them into a saucepan on the hob to get them cooking, stir in two teaspoons of basil. Then lower the temperature of the hob and throw in a good few handfuls of spinach which you’ll stir in until it’s wilted into the liquid. Repeat until the mix is so full of leaves that you can’t stir it without touching a leaf.

In a separate saucepan get some water on the boil and add oil with a few lasagne sheets. Boil them until they’re softened enough to manipulate easily.

Get your oven proof dish and line it with your softened lasagne sheets. Load half of the spinach/tomato mix onto the sheets in the dish. Put a cheese triangle and a layer of cheddar onto the mix. Top this with softened lasagne sheets and pile the rest of the spinach/tomato on. Cover with more softened lasagne sheets. Add another cheese triangle, this time spread out a bit and another layer of cheddar.

Once it’s cool enough to touch the thing in your oven proof dish wrap it in tin foil and bake in the oven for ten or fifteen minutes so the cheese can melt.

If I was to make this again then more cheese would probably be the main improvement I can make. It was good and tasty but the tomato did dominate the meal.

I had my lasagne with a chicken breast that was cooked in the oven wrapped in tin foil with a chunk of butter, it came out lovely and soft after forty-five minutes.

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