Recipe: Not Quite A Frankie

I recently set myself the challenge of having a fresh and flavourful meal each night, so far I’ve been successful. Today I thought I could remember a meal idea which I made with some adjustments.

I boiled some potatoes ready for mashing. When they were ready I added butter and curry powder then got the masher in there.

I put a wrap on my plate and used the curried mash as a spread and covered the wrap. I added a few spinach leaves to this and two slices of spam. I rolled it well and made sure it was tightly packed together with the mash acting as a sort of glue.

As for my title of Not Quite A Frankie, I looked up the recipe that I could vaguely remember. It was called the Frankie or the Bombay Burrito and it features curried mash, chickpeas, roasted cauliflower, mint chutney and pickled onions. Apparently it’s a popular street food in India. My version only used the curried mash and spinach so it’s Not Quite A Frankie.

It’s an easy, simple idea that only really requires the ability to boil water. Even an idiot like myself didn’t struggle to make it. As for how much curry powder to use, do it to your own preference, mash it in and add more if it’s not strong enough for you.

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