Sing little Birdie for your voice is so sweet and things between us are Looking high high high. Are you sure you’re happy with how things are? Things are so exciting with you, it think the Americans would say Ring-A-Ding girl. I know you Say wonderful things and I love the little things that you do, those smiles and your modesty, even the way you sit on your foot in that way you do. When I’m with you I feel like I belong although so often I feel lost. I am A man without love but for you I would be a Puppet on a string. So Congratulations, you’ve stolen my heart. Instead of the usual calm rhythm I can feel it going Boom bang a bang. I think to myself Knock knock who’s there and you spring into my life like a Jack in the box. I would Beg, steal or borrow and give Power to all our friends who would shout Long live love. Let me be the one, Save your kisses for me and we could have it all together. If I can’t have you I guess I’d hit Rock bottom and return to The bad old days.”

And so Mary Ann asked “Do you have Love enough for two? For I know there is another. All these declarations mean nothing if you’re not really Making your mind up, just go One step further with me.”

My response was to cry out “I’m never giving up” I was sick to death of these Love games that she plays. I know that Love is just a foolish venture to her, all I am is a Runner in the night. Only the light in our hearts would change things now. Maybe I should just Go.

Why do I always get it wrong?” She asked me, rage and disappointment fuelled these words.

“I just wanted to Give a little love back to the world, I’ll send A message to your heart and we can take it One step out of time because surely it’s Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. I mean it, together We will be free, we can move and rediscover our Love city groove!” I was almost shouting with passion at this point, not wanting to lose her.

Her face never changed, still bitter with fury. She had such venom in her voice when she said “It’s always Ooh ah, just a little bit with you isn’t it but then you want a little bit more, it’s never enough. I want a Love shine a light relationship instead of being shrouded in darkness and constantly having to wonder Where are you? Say it again, maybe this time I’ll believe you and Don’t play that song again because I want words from you and not just another man’s writing.”

She was really being hard on me. Weakly I tried explaining “The song is for us to show that there is nothing stopping us getting what we want No dream impossible. I just want you to Come back and let me stop feeling like some sort of Cry baby. Hold on to our love and see the passion that burns with it.”

Touch my fire” she hissed, the rage bubbling over with a steam of irritation. “We’ve been together since Teenage life and all we know is each other. I burn for you on the inside. All I’ve been doing for years is Flying the flag for you. I no longer Believe that we can be together. It’s my time to be happy, to be without you!”

That sounds good to me” I proclaimed, my own anger bubbling over. “I can get along just fine without you, I just wanted to think that Love will set you free but you no longer Believe in me.”

“We all have one true love, we’re all Children of the universe and just as stars sometimes line up perfectly there’s someone out there for us to line up with. I’m Still in love with you and You’re not alone in wanting things to have worked out better.”

“I’ll Never give up on you” I wailed, knowing how pointless it was that I was begging now for her to stay. “This Storm is Bigger than us both and I won’t let our fire die, even if all that’s left is just Embers.”

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