Life Of Pie

Make a show about a pie,

Don’t just say you’ll try,

Bring me pastry with filling,

I don’t care about the billing,

The cast of this show,

So tasty I know,

The beautiful salmon and dill,

Alongside steak and gravy will,

Make you wish for just one more,

Sausage and bean flavour galore,

The votes are in,

The best one will win,

For we carefully prepared the dough,

A special talent you should know,

There’s a pork pie too,

The growlers pastry tough to chew,

Badly baked it’ll hurt your teeth,

Then the veg pie is comic relief,

An apple pie could be so sweet,

But then the story has no meat,

Never mind steak and cheese,

I’ll just have a sausage roll please,

Because the classic can’t be beat,

The show will close with chickens defeat.

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