Recipe: Chicken Noodle Mush

Someone let me loose in the kitchen again. I had defrosted Chicken, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, Paprika, Garlic Salt, 3 big carrots that I peeled and cut into sticks, a red pepper that I cut into tiny bits, a red onion plus a bit of tomato purée and a packet of Supernoodles.

The first thing to do was put the chicken into a pot for boiling and cover it in the seasoning.

Next I filled up my kettle and boiled it, then poured enough boiling water to cover the chicken into the pan. I then made sure the pan was on a high heat hob and left that to boil.

I was making roast potatoes too so I peeled my potatoes. I then peeled and chopped my carrots into sticks, gutted and chopped my pepper and sliced the onion. As each was chopped I put it in with the boiling chicken.

After about 20minutes I decided to add tomato purée to the boiling mix to try add some colour and flavour to the watery mix.

That was it, I turned the heat down to get a bit of bubbling going on, put the lid on the pan and went to watch tv, making sure to check on the mix and give it a stir at every ad break. I also prodded the chicken with a wooden implement to try help it fall apart and see how cooked it was.

About 15 min before serving I decided to pack it out with some dry noodles. In my case it was Supernoodles which were just in the cupboard, these come with seasoning but I didn’t use that as I had my flavour figured out.

I ended up with something that looked like the above except with more in the pan because I forgot to take a picture before my family ate.

I think it’s good to experiment with food because although I’ll never be a chef, at least I’ll know how to keep myself fed and be productive enough to feel like I’ve achieved something.

I do need to learn to reduce things though as it was a bit watery.

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