Quick Game Reviews – Carto, A Way Out, Last Stop

Carto – Great – Carto is a puzzle game where you find pieces of a map and arrange them in different ways to progress. The story is about a girl who has been separated from her grandmother and goes through many different cultures to try and find her again. It’s a simple, wholesome game where the puzzles reasonable in difficulty and for some reason it kept me hooked and I can recommend it as a nice calm, surprisingly fun game.

A Way Out – Good – A multiplayer game where two men have to escape from prison and evade the law long enough to solve their problems. The game is mostly in third person but it goes through a few styles and has mini games. I played it with my sister and although the game is very cutscene heavy, the bits where we were playing, cooperating, sneaking and fleeing were incredibly fun. It’s only getting a good because it was a bit short and the cutscenes were too much. Other than that one of the best multiplayer games I’ve played recently.

Last Stop – Good – An interactive story set in England (so a game that means something to me personally). Three stories, following three characters that are all tied together in the final chapter. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say the story was interesting but weird. The characters themselves were interesting with a body swapped dad, a secretive wife and a teenage kidnapper. Each character is interesting and unique and sometimes the dialogue was unbelievably recognisable like the ‘northern’ dialogue option where it said “‘ey up, chuck” and the drug dealer that said “bare tings” had me in stitches, how could I forget “come on if you think you’re hard enough”. A great bit of drama but not much gameplay and to be honest not very fun. As a replacement for TV it works quite well and I’d be interested in seeing something similar from the same developer. One of the better representations of the English that I’ve seen.

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