Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Great

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a classic Lego adventure game. In this one the faces of Marvel are out in force and it makes for a lot of fun.

The story is original, it doesn’t go by the movies which gave the developers a lot of creative freedom. Some of the biggest, most iconic villains team up to do something bad which climaxes in the appearance of Galactus.

For some reason the character rights in this game were amazing. It wasn’t just the modern, standard Avengers. The X-Men, Fantastic Four and a collection of lesser known Marvel heroes filled out the roster including my personal favourite, the Ghost Rider. And when Captain America and The Thing are taking on Magneto, Rhino and some dinosaurs it works well for any and all fans of Marvel.

There are plenty of collectibles that buff out the game’s play time. Gold bricks, red bricks, true believers and plenty of characters. Plus bonus levels including the million stud level that fans have come to expect.

The mini games that you expect for finding everything in a Lego game are there. They’re mostly quite well made and can be done at a decently quick pace. The only issue is in flight races where the controls can be uncooperative with the button to go down being the same as to land and to rise being the same as speed up.

Deadpool was the narrator/host of the bonus levels and these added a good amount of humour to the game. When earning Deadpool as a character he pokes fun at how the game works and is as self aware as you’d expect.

The thing about a good Lego game is the replayability value. You do the levels and do them at least once more in free play to collect everything. The levels in this weren’t perfect but they were good enough that I could do them a few times without getting bored.

Overall I really liked Lego Marvel Super Heroes. It is a really fun game full of fan favourite characters with a good plot. The only downside was occasionally uncooperative flight controls. I can really recommend it to any Lego, Marvel or gaming fan. I’d put it in my top five favourite out of the Lego games I’ve played.

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