I Watched: The MCU (part 1)

I’ve already written about how I don’t like the MCU but I’ve only seen the first few that were released, Doctor Strange and GOTG. I thought it only fair to watch them all before forming an opinion. I’m watching them on Disney and writing my opinions here. I’m disappointed the The Incredible Hulk isn’t in Disney’s list of canon films.

Captain America – This is a boring film. I sat through two hours of nonsense where a man that started off saying ‘I’m a good boy‘ got stronger and kept saying ‘I’m a good boy’. No real character development and the only action was near the end by which point I’d already lost interest.

Captain Marvel – An unexpectedly good movie. The first half hour has humour, action and plot setup. A plot about an amnesiac who is incredibly powerful trying to deal with aliens that can transform into anyone. The hero allies with Fury (Samuel L Jackson) who is good for action comedy, a child adds innocence to the cast and the cat was a nice touch. There was also a plot twist which was good.

Iron Man – A charismatic, uncaring billionaire who likes doing whatever he wants is captured by enemy forces. It’s a bit of a dark setup but the character is well done and is fairly believable, he has a bit of growth and learns how to care about consequences. At this point he’s the only hero around and the enemies he faces have similar weapons to him because they’re close to him, it’s believable in a good way. A decent enough film with bits of humour.

Iron Man 2 – The well done character from the first film is back. New peril as the thing keeping him alive is killing him. Character development with the introduction of the Avengers with Fury and Black Widow plus Iron Man realising he needs allies. A villain with believable motivations and ties to Stark’s background. It’s as good as the first movie and sets up the later ones.

Thor – I didn’t like Thor. It should have been a cool story of Norse heroes but instead we got a soppy tale of an arrogant warmongering prince becoming soft because of a woman. There’s an introduction of Hawkeye and Loki first appears in this film. I think it fits the idea of a Disney film rather than a hero film. It does work in the MCU as an introduction to Thor but even with the plot of jealousy, destruction and love it’s not one of the good ones.

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