Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures – Great

Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures is one of the earlier games on consoles. It’s an action adventure puzzle game based on the first three Indiana Jones movies.

Because of the game’s age there isn’t a proper city sized hub world, instead there’s a few short corridors and classrooms of a college to explore. This features a character buying area, a cheat code room, a character creator and some puzzles for unlocking extra levels. The lack of a hub world means there aren’t the gold bricks to be collected so it’s a slightly shorter game than the modern ones.

The story sticks to the most iconic scenes in the movies well. The levels are good and decent paced and there are few enough types of abilities to keep it simple but enough to keep the puzzles interesting.

The free play in this game is fantastic. It skips story cutscenes. It has enough hidden artefacts (minikits) to keep you busy and once the bazooka trooper is unlocked it gives the player a real sense of destructive power that few of the other games manage. It feels so good to go from being limited Indie to being a crazy explosion guy.

As for collectibles, there’s the artefacts (minikits), red bricks earned through completing a post box puzzle in each level, the true adventurer stud meter on each level and five hidden Star Wars characters that unlock Han Solo as a playable character.

It’s hard to explain properly but even with the limits on this game from the time it was made, this one stands up today as one of the better Lego games to play and replay. There’s enough to do to be entertaining but it’s also simple and family friendly.

And I’ll add that the 100% mark is hit before all achievements are unlocked. I had to go on the internet to find out what the secret achievements were and they don’t happen naturally by playing.

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