I Watched: The MCU (part 2)

The Avengers – A team up movie with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and the introduction of Hulk. It’s a big action packed story with Loki as the villain. There’s conflict among the heroes, there’s a bit of comedy and it’s a fairly good movie. The Hulk steals the show with his every appearance in this film. It’s cool, interesting and even Captain America has enough personality in this one to be worth the attention.

Thor The Dark World – The soppy Prince is back, pining for his woman. Story wise, Thor is a power that will restore peace but a dark power is coming. Thor proves himself to his father and goes on an adventure with Loki. They both show character and some degree of charm but with a long set up for the villain the way he’s defeated feels rushed. The film really just feels like an excuse to introduce an infinity stone. I’m not a fan of this one.

Iron Man 3 – This one felt slow. There is a lot to take in. A Christmas movie with a terrorist that isn’t a terrorist, weird glowing heat people, a link to Stark’s past and some stuff about mental health. It’s not a fun film although Stark is a charismatic character, this one is one that needs attention. It’s not an Iron Man film, it’s a Tony Stark film until the last few scenes. It’s good with its slightly odd story and is good for making mental health relevant but it isn’t an enjoyable movie.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Another film that needs a lot of attention. A tale of corruption, deception and a minority report sort of idea that Captain good boy is the only one that can be trusted to fight it. It starts with a stealth op and keeps to a similar style with Black Widow teaching the Captain how to remain hidden. Old friends and enemies re-emerge. It’s a pretty good movie but isn’t for casual watching and the one thing that I really didn’t like about this one was the Winter Soldier plot which is bad given the films title.

Guardians Of The Galaxy – A weird space adventure with action, comedy and a new team of characters. It’s another film about an infinity stone but it’s a good old chaotic hero movie. There’s spaceship battles, darkness and bad guys being proper, openly bad bad guys. This movies focus is more on fun than the Earth based films before it, it manages to make you care about the ragtag group of misfit friends in a much quicker timeframe and with that comes more emotion as the story progresses. What is possibly my favourite MCU character so far is introduced in this film too (Rocket Raccoon). As a stand-alone film it’s one of the better MCU movies.

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