I Watched: The MCU (part 3)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 – Another weird space adventure with Starlord and friends. This time a plot that’s all about family. Daddy issues (both adoptive and biological), sister issues and mercenary mutiny. A man that’s also a planet god thing. Honestly, it’s all just nonsense that lets the characters have more banter, I found the plot largely forgettable. There are some awesome scenes in this movie though, the Mr Blue Sky intro fight and the mind controlled arrow taking on a spaceship. It’s good fun and furthers the overall plot but it’s just not worth remembering.

Avengers Age Of Ultron – A movie that was clearly designed to just help move the Avengers plot forward. Iron Man makes a robot that will save humanity, and in a fairly predictable way, the robot decides to kill everybody. The robot is powerful so it takes all the Avengers and their new allies. The new allies being a mind altering, red power girl; a speedy boy who looks nothing like the girl but is apparently her twin and an artificial man with an infinity stone in his head. The Hulk gets a King Kong style story with Black Widow and Thor shocks himself in a cave to learn about the infinity stones. There’s mention of Wakanda and the worthiness involved in Mjolnir becomes more relevant. It’s a fairly average filler movie before the big bad comes.

Ant-Man – A new hero is created in a heist film where the Avengers have minimal involvement (purely because they don’t like Stark). A thief is released from prison and tries going straight but is recruited to be a thieving hero against evil corporate rich people. It has emotion and family. There’s a fight against a minor Avenger. They have a comic relief character. Other than the slow start I liked he ideas in this one, especially how he allied with actual ants.

Captain America: Civil War – When there’s a fight, there’s collateral damage. This movie starts with the politics of who should control the Avengers. It’s a very boring plot where the main villain is trying to get the Avengers to kill each other. The Winter Soldier and Ant-Man are recruited. Black Panther and Spider-Man are introduced. Overall, this is really just an excuse to have the Avengers fight each other in some decent action scenes. Iron Man’s team could easily destroy Captain America’s team if they were really going for it. Probably my least favourite movie so far, it just all felt unnecessary.

Black Widow – Starting out with a family in Ohio, we see that something has happened meaning they have to leave for Cuba. As they arrive in Cuba the girls of the family are taken away. We then jump forward in time to find Black Widow struggling to deal with the consequences of Civil War. She gets a package which leads to her reuniting her family and taking on the leader of the programme that turned her into Black Widow. Ray Winston puts on a terrible accent and is the main villain who uses Taskmaster (who’s wasted in my opinion) as muscle. There’s some comedy, some action, not as much stealth as I’d hoped for and a confusing end to what’s a pretty average film for the MCU.

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