I Watched: The MCU (part 4)

I’ve found an error with the Disney chronological order. As with The Incredible Hulk in part 1 there’s a hero missing here. While Hulk can be said to be not canon because of actor and story changes, Spider-Man is totally canon but they don’t have distribution rights as far as I’m aware. Spider-Man Homecoming would fit in this section if they did, a little after Black Panther.

Black Panther – Sci-fi technology meets tribal Africans in one of the better MCU movies I’ve seen so far. For the first hour there’s one great crazy villain, he’s then replaced by another villain who wants to make the world better. The slow bits of the film are cultural and interesting, the combat is melee focused with special sci-fi adjustments. The hero even takes the good in the villain’s point of view in the end. I’m surprised at how much I liked this one. The Winter Soldier bit at the end didn’t make sense.

Doctor Strange – An arrogant surgeon gets himself injured, in order to find a way to heal he seeks out magic wielding monks who teach him about spirit energy. There are lots of visual effects in this film, impressive ones where buildings, roads and even whole cities are manipulated. It’s a fun one to watch even though the plot is a bit deep and dark. The named monks all prove to be interesting characters and Mister Doctor becomes more likeable as it goes on. The way Dormammu is beaten in a unique way. Another really good one.

Thor Ragnarok – Finally, a good Thor movie! Odin dies, causing a great threat to Asgard to appear, which is all this movie needs as setup. It’s all about prophecy, a battle of the gods where the Hulk also plays a part. Thor and Loki’s reactions to seeing Hulk are fantastic and believable, their reactions to each other from banter to trust issues is well done too and a friendly stone man called Korg starts a revolution that gives Loki the chance to be a hero. It’s a really good action film where Thor actually uses his power for once. It might be the best MCU film to this point.

Ant-Man and The Wasp – Ant-Man is back after Civil War but he’s under house arrest, he’s then forced to help The Wasp (who’s a flying, shrinking hero) to complete a very selfish mission of finding her mother in a sub-atomic zone. A black market tech dealer and a woman that phases out of existence a little every second becomes the villain. This film is very slow and boring. A good plot can make a slow film great but in this all parties wanted the same thing, they were just too selfish to work together. There was no larger stakes to the story either, it really was all motivated by the characters’ personal goal. Other than a car chase near the end it was very dull so I’m assuming it set something big up for future movies. As a stand-alone or tie-in it’s currently one of the worst MCU films I’ve seen.

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