Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Great

Ghostbusters: The Video game Remastered is a third person shooter based on the Ghostbusters movie series. This fits in as a Ghostbusters 3 with the way it’s story works and it’s a shame it isn’t a movie given how well that aspect of the game is done.

The real Ghostbusters play their parts. All four of them lend their voices to the game, doing the characters just as much justice as they do in the movies. The faces on the characters are also perfectly recognisable and that really does help with the immersion of fighting alongside the Ghostbusters.

The proton packs that are the Ghostbusters signature weapons also look fantastic and incorporate the health and heat bars, this once again helps with immersion as there isn’t an ugly HUD crowding up the screen. They do do the screen going red thing when you’re hurt which ruins it a bit.

The combat works well too. The environments are full of destructible objects that rack up a damage cost over the course of the game. The proton beams look good and seem to actually make an impact like they do in the movies. There’re even alternative firing modes for different types of ghosts, this means the combat doesn’t get as stale and repetitive as you might think. There’s also plenty of different enemies with different weaknesses that keep fights fresh including bosses. The bosses are usually big, fun and feel slightly unfair until you work out how to win.

The story itself revolves around the cultists of Gozer from the first movie. However, instead of trying to revive Gozer, the main enemy is trying to replace her and becomes a god himself. Luckily Egon eats gods for breakfast. The game expands on the hotel and library from the movies, they talk about the mood slime and everything connects really well to the point where it is a direct sequel.

The worst parts of the game come when the other Ghostbusters leave you and you’re left to wander without any chatter to listen to. It’s also a shame that the player character isn’t customisable.

There’s also replayabilty value. The main menu has a replay level function which shows you how many of each collectible you have on each level. The Xbox achievements even require completion on different difficulties.

I beat the game within a day. It doesn’t feel too short but it’s not overly packed out either, all the story makes sense and the length feels good. I probably will play it again at some point.

Overall, this is a pretty perfect Ghostbusters game. It’s immersive, occasionally creepy, has a first person ghost tracker view as well as the third person stuff, an original story, the real Ghostbusters and for a fan of both Ghostbusters and gaming this is a fantastic way to let the day pass by. I got it on a discount but it’s definitely worth buying.

It starts with a dedication to Harold Ramis (Egon, and writer) which is really nice.

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