I Watched: The DCEU (part 1)

DC have been doing a connected universe thing for a while. After Marvel started the trend it’s been all the rage. I’ve done my best to find a chronological order for them but it’s a lot harder with these ones, so I’ll be writing my thoughts on the DCEU movies however I can. I do think the old way of short individual series was better.

Man Of Steel – A Superman reboot that kicks off the DCEU modern story. An alien child lands on Earth who is brought up to understand morals, restraint and the value of life. The evil General Zod shows up which causes the humans to become aware of our hero. A lot of battles ensues before Supes makes an important decision that gave good set up for Batman vs Superman and ZS Justice League. A bit of a slow film that drags on a bit but a very interesting plot that challenges the idea of what makes a hero.

Wonder Woman – The introduction of Wonder Woman, an innocent, naive warrior of the Amazons. Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) believes in love and justice, she has the will to fight and is a fantastic character who has both beauty and strength. She meets a soldier who’s a spy and together they set out to fight the Germans who they believe are led by Aries. It’s a bit of an odd plot but if you’re writing about gods it’s going to be. Aries only comes into it at the end, seemingly for a big, flashy fight scene and it was a waste of a good actor, yes he spouts some interesting dialogue but he seemed like an afterthought to me given that the rest of the film focused on a German officer. It’s a good, slightly heartwarming movie but it could have been better.

Wonder Woman 1984 – After a strong start with a fight in a shopping centre and a bit that teaches young Diana about truth, this film is a very slow starter. They spend a long time setting up the main villain and a woman that gets some short fight sequences but is mostly irrelevant. The villain himself is quite badly done and easily beaten with speech. With Wonder Woman herself they waste a well built character in making her powers weaker and making her the soppy type that longs for lost love. There’s too much stuff that doesn’t fit or seem realistic with the logic of the film. There’s also no reason for it to be set in 1984. Although Gadot is good I can’t recommend watching this boring movie.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – I’ve already written about this so click here. I did that a while before any of my MCU posts.

Suicide Squad – A group of mad villains getting together sounds good in concept but Suicide Squad doesn’t live up to the idea. Deadshot and Harley Quinn’s characters pretty much carry the movie with both of them showing strong desires and vulnerability. Sadly, the story didn’t use any of the characters to their full potential and the accompanying soldiers could have completed the mission without the Squad. Joker in this film is really bad, a charmless weirdo somehow makes a beautiful, intelligent woman fall in love with him, he’s probably the worst version of Joker ever. I wasn’t a fan of this one.

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