I Watched: The MCU (part 5)

Avengers Infinity War – This is where all of the other movies start to come together. It starts off with a continuation from Thor Ragnarok, then goes into a sequence of small stories following each set of heroes as they join together with the intention of stopping the big, bad, purple man, Thanos. Thanos has been around for a while but now they explain his motivation and method a little more, he’s doing a terrible thing but he’s not really a bad guy, logically what he’s doing makes sense. We’re shown how Thanos cares and how powerful he is as he fights many powerful enemies without being effective. The villain is a good climax point for the series. Thor is still impressive and Strange, Iron Man and Spidey teaming up would have been a good film of it’s own. The way it ends is clearly set up for a sequel which does make this seem like half a film but if Endgame does it right then it could be a brilliant split movie, this first half was pretty great.

Avengers Endgame – The last movie in Disney Plus’ chronological timeline. The big bad has already won and within twenty minutes he’s dead and Captain Marvel has shown up. Then Ant-Man’s sub-atomic Quantum Realm from his second movie comes into play. It turns into a weird time travel story that creates situations where older movies are expanded upon and characters meet that otherwise never would (like the Ancient One and Hulk). The aim being to reverse the effect of Thanos’ win. This of course leads to mistakes where big bad Thanos finds a way out of the past and back to the future. There’s a big setup for a fight which the heroes have to win but their victory proves bittersweet. As a way to round off the series it’s mostly about characters and how they live after the loss. It works as an ending but once I’d watched it, it was a bit disappointing that the heroes had plenty of opportunities to win along the way yet because plot needed to happen they don’t.

I’m aware that another Spider-Man deals with the aftermath of everything but once again, it’s not on Disney at time of posting so I’ll watch and write about it at a later date.

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