I Watched: Daredevil & Elektra

Daredevil – Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck), the blind lawyer who is also a brutal vigilante is setting out to eliminate crime. He meets Elektra, a woman who’s trained to fight and ends up being the one to best him, she’s also his love interest. This would be all well and good but Daredevil’s personality is like a piece of cardboard. The villains are Bullseye and Kingpin who’re both much more interesting than the heroes. Kingpin is a businessman called Fisk, a giant bald man who fights with strength but is quite a patient man who considers things carefully, he could have also done with more screen time. Bullseye is a mad killer with perfect aim who doesn’t hesitate when he wants to kill, he’s clever enough to know when to flee or exploit his enemy’s weaknesses, with his little chuckles and clear showing of personality Bullseye stole the show. This is a very boring movie with dull heroes, one of the most unbelievable origin stories ever and not enough focus on taking down the villains who liven it up considerably. I wouldn’t recommend watching this one.

Elektra – A sort of sequel to Daredevil. Elektra has been brought back to live and is a contract killer, incredibly deadly and believed to be just a myth. The first ten minutes or so give a brilliant set up for a dangerous assassin film that’s dark and could be creepy. After that we get a father and daughter that Elektra decides to protect from magic ninjas and a group called The Hand who have special powers. There’s something of an old rivalry discussed between them and there’s a secret war against the people who revived Elektra. It starts out dark but turns into a weird family film that’s all a bit mixed up and messily executed. The acting wasn’t too bad but the Sai wielding heroine didn’t fit well with the enemies. The plot didn’t make much sense and there was little reason to root for any character, good or bad. They gave a bit of backstory on Elektra but all that did was connected her to the girl a bit. I think it’s mostly bad writing for this one and it didn’t help when they had her fighting bedsheets.

I think these movies were meant to start a series but I honestly can’t recommend watching either of them. I really think I’ve wasted my time with these ones.

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