I Watched: Holland’s Spider-Man

So, I’ve looked at both Maguire and Garfield, now I need to look at the modern MCU Spider-Man and see if I can work out what’s so good about him.

I Watched: The MCU (part 6)


  • They’ve made this version of Peter Parker quite young and childlike. The excitable child is a different take from what I’ve seen before but it does miss the man part of Spider-Man.
  • Aunt May is a bit of a problem for this Peter as Stark seems to have the father figure role and most of what’s said about her is to do with her appearance. While it makes sense for a younger Peter to get a younger May, she comes across more as an older sister than a parent/aunt. I hope she gets some development. Far From Home was promising in this regard as Happy Hogan seems to be involved with her.
  • This Spider-Man isn’t a lone wolf like the others. He’s all about the Avengers and is reliant on Stark. This is seen in Homecoming and Infinity War. It does mean he isn’t properly developed as a character as we don’t get an origin story for this one.
  • The one thing I’ve noticed that makes this Spider-Man unique and gives the character charm is that he doesn’t shut up in combat. He’s so talkative that it really makes him stand out, even if he does seem like an over-excited child.
  • Peter seems to have a bit of character development in Far From Home. He doesn’t want to be the hero but realises it’s not really a choice anymore. He is Spider-Man and that matters more than anything.
  • Both main Spider-Man films end with a character saying “What the fu-“ which is probably the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen in a family superhero movie. Swearing isn’t usually good in movies but on occasions like this it can be used cleverly.

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