This post is about my whole DCEU experience and I will expand upon it as I go on.

My “I Watched” posts are review style pieces where I state my opinion of movies and TV shows. Below are links to my DCEU ones. I’ve tried to get some sort of order but it isn’t easy to find all the movies or know exactly how they line up. These will be updated in future.

Part 1 – Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad.

Part 2 – Justice League, Aquaman, Shazam, Birds Of Prey.

ZS Justice League – A different version of the Justice League movie.

There’s a major issue with Wonder Woman and that’s the fact that at the end of her first movie she goes into a sort of god mode to fight Aries, awakening her true power and being incredibly powerful, it’s wonderful. However, she never seems to use her power again which is a bit weird given the huge threats that arise.

Justice League adds one good thing to Wonder Woman 84, it explains that Diana gained closure on the death of Steve and learned how to move on which isn’t fully explained in her own movie.

Aquaman seems to have more anger towards his mother in Justice League than he does in his own movie, even a different personality. He also has armour and water bending abilities that don’t fit with his own movie or at least makes his timeline a bit off.

The DCEU has a major issue with power scaling. With Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Shazam all in play at the time of posting they have to work out who is the best at everything. By the time of Justice League they seem to have chosen Superman but there’s a chance that Shazam or someone else could be more powerful, they’ll have a hard time keeping things consistent with so many god-like heroes, especially when it looks like more are coming.

There’s one very big problem that the DCEU faces with it’s characters and movies. Click the link to find out more.

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