I Watched: Superbob

In the description for Superbob it states that it is a hilarious and touching twist on the superhero genre. I needed something light so a comedy seemed like a good idea.

Superbob himself is like a lot of British comedy characters in that he is a bit weird, a below average person that no-one really likes. This works for British comedy in programs like Peep Show, The Brittas Empire or Drop The Dead Donkey because there’s something sweet or clever about the character that the audience can like, Superbob just didn’t seem likeable at all.

We never find out much about Superbob’s powers as he works for the British government. This means they have to go by employment rules and they make Superbob do paperwork when saving someone. They also have to give him a day off, which is Tuesday and Tuesday is when the film is set so the super bit of Bob is irrelevant for most of the film.

The plot of the film is about a documentary type of thing following Superbob around on his day off to see what he does. This turns out to be a collection of dull activities and chasing a girl. The plot concludes with some stuff about relations with America that are strained because Britain has Bob the superhero.

This “hilarious” superhero movie has a few British comedians in it, it had a few other reasonably famous British actors in but this proved to be the most annoying thing about it, even with the talent provided they couldn’t make me laugh. I know our humour can be subtle at times but I couldn’t find anything that was actually funny. There are noticeable but the humour clearly wasn’t for me.

Touching though, maybe. The pursuit of a girl is relatable to most men and this movie seems more like a budget romance than it does a superhero movie or a comedy. About forty minutes in, Superbob has a moment with an important woman in his life, the scene has an echo of Reeve’s Superman and it shows who the hero really has feelings for.

As a superhero film it’s pretty bad. As a comedy, not to my tastes. However, if you want a slightly odd romantic movie then this may do.

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