I Watched: Hancock

Will Smith’s superhero that doesn’t care. Everybody hates him and he spends his spare time getting drunk. He has the natural instinct to protect people but has no idea how to interact with them well.

The plot revolves around the hero taking a PR training course that’s offered by someone he saved, this goes on to reveal a story about immoral, superpowered people that exist in pairs and are constantly drawn to each other. Hancock meets his other half and finds out he’s weakened by being near her.

There’s no real villain for Hancock. He has no archenemy that he must stop, just some basic criminals that can only hurt him while he’s weakened. This adds in to the lack of purpose Hancock feels but it doesn’t help the movie itself.

The tone of the movie is fairly funny but not cheerful. The pacing is also alright with the ideas of learning how to be nice to people and the immortal story being broken up by bits of action. I would have liked more from the fight scenes because they could look cool but didn’t really go on long enough, sometimes movies do it to excess but I think this film was a little lacking in action.

The biggest error in this movie is that it doesn’t really explain the immortal thing well enough. They tell you that they’re immortal but how and why isn’t answered. They were created in pairs and Hancock’s pair is the last left but there’s no reason for their existence. It just seems half baked.

However, the humour from it being a wasted hero and Will Smith made the film fun to watch, especially how everyone did a good job. The way Hancock handles a bully is also an agreeable version of justice for most. Although Hancock isn’t nice, he is awkward and likeable.

This isn’t a film that will go down as an all time great but it is good enough as a way to waste an hour and a half. It’s reasonably funny which is the main thing but a weak explanation for the plot makes me not care enough about what’s going on to want to see it again.

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