I Watched: Howard The Duck

A duck in his living room up on a duck planet which has life similar to Earth except duck themed is sucked into space and lands on Earth. We then follow this duck whose name is Howard as he has a hard time being mistaken for an animal, child or punchbag until he makes a friend.

Howard himself is likeable and only wants to go home. He’s sarcastic, angry but fairly normal in a personality sense. He’s kind, helpful and when the film needs a hero he’s there to help his friend.

Howard’s friend is Bev (Lea Thompson) whose character is fairly good as she’s a naive, gentle hearted rocker girl which reminded me of her Back To The Future role for the first half of the movie but became more of a damsel later on. She tries to help Howard however she can, even being on the edge of romance with him which is a bit weird. She also sings in the movie, I think she has a surprisingly good voice.

There’re other characters that are done quite well too but Howard and Bev are the stars.

The big bad is a Dark Overlord Of The Universe which adds the peril of the film. He shoots stuff from his hands and eyes with the goal of gaining power to call the other Dark Overlords to help him. This villain would have been better without the stupid voice they gave him and his true form which we see at the end looks terrible.

Combat in this movie is also pretty bad. Howard is just a humanoid duck, he has no powers so it just ends up looking pretty bad whenever he fights. The Dark Overload’s special effects don’t look good either meaning the first half of the film which establishes Howard was quite a lot better than the latter half as it focused on Howard making relationships rather than the villain.

The humour in this movie brings up the quality. Quoting movies, sarcasm and a general jokey tone means this movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and it has a lot of charm.

Overall though, this is low in quality. It’s not a good film by any real standard but it’s goofiness and charm make it a film that I really enjoy watching. It’s just a fun movie.

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