I Watched: Lucy

A movie about a woman that delivers a package, only to be forced into being a drug mule with the drugs inside her. She’s physically assaulted which makes the drugs flow into her bloodstream. This drug is supposed to be something that helps a foetus develop it’s cells so it can become a human being, it’s possible that more of that particular chemical could supercharge a human to a higher capacity than normal.

The premise of this movie is that a human doesn’t use its brain to the full capacity. It explores what sort of science fiction abilities we could gain if we had access to our full potential. The conclusion seems to be that it would be too much for anyone to handle and that the human body may never be enough.

Lucy’s powers are unlimited by the end of the film. She seems to start off with increased strength and perception but as the film goes on she gains intelligence, memory, knowledge of everything, mind reading and control, until she can manipulate all of reality, including time.

Lucy, being as intelligent as she becomes looks to an expert for advice on what to do with what she has gained. She’s told to share everything she can. This leads to a hunt for the rest of the drug carriers, acquisition and use of the drugs and rapid changes to how well the body can contain itself.

Scarlett Johansson does a good job of keeping an almost totally emotionless face throughout the movie as her character loses her humanity to the new power.

This movie is a thrill ride that comes to a sudden stop just as it starts to climax. The sudden stop makes sense given what happens to the character and how it can’t really go anywhere after but maybe ten minutes of other characters talking to give some cool down after the excitement would have helped for a more natural ending.

I should add that the science in this film probably isn’t very accurate and should be looked at as a clever bit of imagination from a writer.

It’s a very interesting movie from the ideas it explores with a good pace and I enjoyed watching it but it did leave me wanting more. It left me with a bit of an adrenaline buzz. Really thrilling.

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