I Watched: Otherworld (2018)

A baby is placed in a little bed in a hospital among other babies. The other beds with the other babies in shift towards the new one. A woman notices the change, then kidnaps the newer baby.

The stolen baby grows up to have the ability to absorb fear which physically pains her, however she can deal with the fear by washing it away with water. This woman is Harmony and she brings balance to people.

Another character is Mason. He’s a distant, strange man that doesn’t understand regular things and likes making lists. For some reason Harmony can’t be hurt by absorbing from him early in the film but she can later. Mason’s distant behaviour is somehow connected to Harmony and she releases him from it. Some of the ‘carer’ characters seem to know what’s going on when the two meet and they say he balances her.

There’re also some scummy street thugs who bully each other most of the time but start on Harmony for no clear reason (which there are real people like that), but by the end of the film the leader of this group knows Harmony’s power and wants to get high off it.

As for actual plot, depending on which character you ask there’re five, six or seven people in the world similar to Harmony and Mason is one of them. They are there to restore order to the world by being balance and peace. We follow Mason and Harmony as they learn about each other and the thug group cause trouble.

The acting in this movie is pretty good but the plot is complete nonsense. It could be a good tale about being lonely yet there’s always someone out there. Instead of such an easy to follow idea, we get something that’s never explained properly and setup for a sequel at the end.

This one was too slow paced for my liking and unless I’ve missed something, the plot was too badly explained to be gripping. Seriously, not a fan of this one.

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