I Watched: Fant4stic

Fant4stic or the 2015 remake of Fantastic Four takes a much different approach to story compared to the early 2000s one. We follow Reid from childhood in a long origin story.

The story itself takes us to a different dimension. I’m this other dimension energy goes wild, absorbing Dr Doom and effecting the other men in relation to what’s happening to them: Johnny is on fire (becomes Human Torch), Ben is pelted by stones (becomes the Thing) and Reid becomes stretchy, Sue is hit by a pulse (becomes the Invisible Woman. They make a lot of effort to show exactly how everything happens.

In this film some of the Four are weaponised by the American Army and we get a one year later card that skips any need for training scenes. Dr Doom just turns up at full power.

The motivations of the Four are about getting cured which is no different from the other film but Doom just wants to destroy in this one, he has no specific goal here and is just a force of pure destruction.

Although the characters are distinct from one another they have no real personality or charm to make the audience like them. Dr Doom doesn’t do much to make anyone dislike him either, he just is the bad guy. I’d have liked to see some development of a character, a change in the way they see things. The only real emotional hit is with the Storm’s dad’s death which seems to be rammed in because there’s nothing else to pull on the heart strings, but it has little impact as we don’t care about the characters.

Thing in this film is very monstrous looking, a craggy, uneven pile of walking rock. This change fits well with the serious tone of the movie.

They made this film very serious in how everyone acts but didn’t give it the runtime for a well built story, we just seem to jump from having gained powers to a potential end of the world. It’s a different interpretation of the fight against Doom but it lacks a lot in character bonding and story. I’ll probably not go back to this one but I can see how it could have been good.

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