I Watched: Deadpool

Deadpool is the spoof character for the X-Men, he’s designed as a bit of a joke and is a sword wielding action hero with regeneration power. He was used with the same actor in the X-Men Origins movie but that doesn’t seem to be connected.

Deadpool – A human mercenary ends up in a lab where they force him to become an X-Men style mutant, this mercenary is Deadpool. He goes on a revenge quest to try capture the man who did it in order to have the change reversed, it’s a standard action movie plot. As for the comedy aspect of the character we get some clever or witty lines that can include satire or references to other heroes along with some fourth wall breaks, but a lot of it is just crude or the characters just talking rubbish. It’s probably to do with taste but I ended up finding Deadpool to be an irritating and easily dislikable character whose charm was lost on me and since he was the focus it made for a boring movie. It’s a good job some X-Men did join in because Colossus is a very likeable character who I think deserved more screen time. The villain didn’t really matter. I didn’t click with the humour but some people might so being as fair as I can, I think a more serious hero would have helped the plot and to me the style of comedy should be relegated to a minor comic relief character and not the star. Not a film that I’m in a hurry to watch again.

Deadpool 2 – This one’s slightly more serious than the first and because the origin story is done we get to have something more interesting. There’s villains with decent motivations, we get time travel and Deadpool builds his own X-Force as his hero team. Juggernaut is also shoved in as a way to force the plot forward and give Colossus (who’s great again) something to fight. The humour is quite toned down from the first movie, a lot of the time now when a joke is cracked there’s actual wit involved, Deadpool here is clever, loves references and satire plus he isn’t afraid to play with other movies and their ideas or break the fourth wall, I liked this humour a lot more as it was more focused and less crude. Because we have more interesting characters we get a more emotionally touching resolution to a plot that isn’t purely about revenge. Deadpool himself is more likeable in this one and has character development. The music in this movie is used to brilliant effect. This is a film about belonging, it balances Deadpool’s need to be funny with a reasonable amount of action and a proper plot, making it possible that this is a near perfect Deadpool movie. Much better than the first for me. The post credit scene is awesome too.

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