I Watched: Tom & Jerry (2021)

The latest film about the incredible cat and mouse duo. It’s a live action film where the characters live in a human world, this includes Spike the dog and the gang of alley cats that Tom sometimes interacts with.

This movie is at its best when it lets Tom & Jerry do their thing, battling it out in crazy and creative ways. They bring humour with classic gags as seen in the old series plus there’s references to other movies including an awesome Batman one from Tom. It gets the comedy element from the pair just right. Tom and Jerry do communicate with the humans but thankfully it’s not by talking, instead they use gestures which sticks to how they should do things.

Humans are the more boring part of this movie, they’re not bad actors but they are just there to pack things out, giving extra plot which Tom versus Jerry doesn’t require.

As for the animation, it’s always worrying when a classic art style is modernised. Although updated, the characters don’t look too bad, you can see how the jump from proper cartoon to this movie works and it fits well into the human world.

The plot is all about a girl who lies her way into work for a hotel. The hotel is hosting an important wedding which Tom and Jerry smash their way through. It’s a basic excuse to have a movie, nothing special. Predictably, the events lead to all the characters working together to get a happy ending. There’re some nice messages about not comparing yourself to others, listening to one another and giving people a chance so it isn’t completely bland.

Earlier scenes of this movie have the best bits of actual Tom & Jerry battling, as it gets further on it becomes more about the wedding and turns into a standard family film rather than a Tom & Jerry movie. It’s pretty good but I’d have liked it to be more of how it starts, with an updated version of the classic.

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