I Watched: Animated Justice League (part 1)

Justice League: Doom – Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash and Cyborg go up against old adversaries who all hold a grudge and have formed an alliance under Vandal Savage known as the Legion Of Doom. The Legion has a chance because they use a playing card themed gang to be a distraction while plans are stolen which detail every weakness. Batman’s determination and the fact that Cyborg is new to the League mean the heroes can come back. It shows the strength of Batman’s mistrust, the power with creativity from the Justice League and is quite a good plot revolving around the idea that there’s always something to stop the most powerful. Really good for showing weakness and how it can be overcome.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox – This movie starts out with The Flash fighting a group of his enemies, the League come to his aid and he goes for a run. We get a title intro, after which the film turns into what’s basically a DC what if movie: What if Superman landed in a city? What if the ring never found Hal Jordan? What if Thomas Wayne survived? There’s plenty more but the idea is that everything has changed, the plot is about how Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s warriors tribes are at war. It’s a great piece of creative work that’s really enjoyable for a DC fan to watch or maybe even someone who knows the Batman origin story. Really great but a bit weird.

Justice League: War – An origin story for Cyborg, Wonder Woman becoming accustomed to the world, male heroes meeting each other and a massive alien invasion led by Darkseid. It’s really a Justice League forming film with a lot of fighting. Wonder Woman is the biggest star of this show, putting in the most powerful and thoughtful way of fighting the giant enemy, we also get to see her innocent side as she tries ice cream for the first time. A great start if this is building up an actual series but they might have gone too big too soon by using Darkseid.

Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis – It’s the Aquaman origin story. Orm tries to take over Atlantis while Arthur Curry mourns his dad, Myra finds Arthur and turns him into Aquaman. The Justice League hasn’t fully formed but Cyborg, Green Lantern, Shazam, The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman work together with Aquaman to stop Orm. Orm is for some reason powerful enough to take on the whole Justice League in open combat, yet weak enough to lose to Aquaman who needed Superman to deal with a creature not long before. This film has its quirks, but it’s a predictable story where we know Orm will lose. The strength of characters doesn’t make sense and it’s probably the worst animated film I’ve seen to this point.


  • There is some sort of series idea in some of the films (Throne Of Atlantis is definitely a sequel to War) but I find it easier to treat these movies as standalone stories because they are just easier to watch that way and it’s easier to keep track of.
  • I’m glad that although similar to the live action DCEU they don’t have exactly the same stories, this keeps it fresh and fun.

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