Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Great

The last of the ‘true’ Assassin’s Creed games, set in a Templar controlled London during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Plot wise, this isn’t the strongest of games. Syndicate follows a fairly standard plot of taking out key Templar operatives until the main man is reached and defeated. It’s alright but nothing mind blowing. What keeps it interesting is the heroes’ interactions, having to deal with each other as much as they deal with the enemies.

A key thing for Assassin’s Creed games is the protagonist, we follow them on their journey and in this game we get two. Jacob, the rough brawler type is out to start a gang and dominate the gangs that support the Templar rule, he doesn’t follow the Creed in as strict a way as most Assassins. Evie is the stealth Assassin of the pair and follows the Creed much more carefully, her plan is to find the artefact of Eden before the Templars can. Both characters are interesting in their own way and their opposing personalities play off each other well.

There’s a level system with a perk tree as there is in many games these days. Over the course of the game you get more skills and become a better fighter, assassin and cart driver. There’s also a gear system allowing for gear to be restricted from the player but keeps it obtainable to stop the player getting too overpowered too soon, it works fairly well.

There sadly isn’t a huge variety of equipment to use, a few bombs, some ranged weapons and a choice of three melee weapon types. The lack of weaponry is a bit disappointing but there’s a new method of vertical traversal in the form of a Batman-esque grapple hook to zoom to the top of buildings.

Something Ubisoft are incredibly good at is world building, they recreate cities in a way that looks incredible every time, Syndicate’s London is no exception. This London is one of my favourite open world settings ever because with people, gangsters, police, horse pulled carts, the Thames flooded with boats and trains that go around there’s just so much to interact with, which makes it so interesting and believable.

We get our collection of historical figures, as with all Assassin’s Creed games. Dickens, Darwin, Marx, Victoria and Disraeli to name a few.

There’s also plenty to do in this London. Animus Helix pieces, chests, locked chests, royal letters, flowers and posters are all available along with plenty of side missions and activities including a trip out of the Victorian era with another protagonist.

The only problems with this game is that I occasionally fell through things and the characters sometimes didn’t do what I wanted which is the same with all Assassin’s Creed games. The final boss was also mainly video which was annoying.

Syndicate has got its high and low points but altogether, I think this is one of the best Assassin’s Creed games. It didn’t sell as well as it should because of Unity being the one before but if this had had Ezio style sequels it could have been as good as the Ezio collection.

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