I Watched: Venom

The alien blob monster from Spider-Man 3 got his own movie a while back and I’ve finally seen it. This Venom has no connection to Spidey and comes across as a huge monstrous brute from the first moment we see him.

Venom is a Symbiote, a creature that requires a symbiotic relationship with a host in order to survive. Venom’s weaknesses are fire and certain levels of noise. This is openly explained in this movie through dialogue which is really helpful for a casual viewer when it comes to understanding. He’s not a full on ‘good guy’ as he likes eating people, but Venom isn’t really a villain either as most fighting is in self defence.

The villains are another Symbiote called Riot (which is talked up by Venom but isn’t really superior, when they clash it’s just a battle of the blobs) and a merciless rich guy who’s trying to use the Symbiotes as a way to build a future, he comes across as a pretty bad guy. Neither villain is too important which is good as the Venom and Eddie bond is allowed more focus.

Eddie Brock, the downtrodden human host of the star Symbiote is well done by Tom Hardy and whoever dressed him. He looks pitiful half of the time and never seems to change out of a sweaty, scruffy hoodie. He’s not too likeable at the start when he ruins his own opportunity, but when he’s weak, stunned and confused, having to learn to live with Venom he becomes so much better as he and Venom share their existence.

Fighting against humans looks quite good as the stretchy limbs work in closed and open environments including a fairly good looking car chase.

It’s not amazing as a movie but origin stories rarely are. It’s a good watch and explains Symbiotes better than Spider-Man 3 did. They have a good character so hopefully the future will be good to it.

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