Vegan Meat

Opinion – Vegans are hypocrites for having meat themed/flavoured meals.

Answer – A meat imitation would be an easy transition from a meat eating lifestyle to a vegan one without the feeling of missing out on flavours or food styles.

I believe that both views above are valid. As a non-vegan “normal” person I’ve always held the above opinion. It’s fair to say any desire for animal products is against a truly caring vegan way.

I also like to play fair. How could I criticise something without having tried it? There is always the possibility that it either tastes as good as the original as a healthier version or it could potentially taste better, both of these things would make it clear how veganism has become such a widely practised diet.

Fava Bean and Rice that’s been processed in a way that turned it into a fish look-alike substance. It didn’t flake like fish, it didn’t have the smell and it didn’t feel like fish in the hand. They had covered it in breadcrumbs to make it slightly similar.

The cooking time of the fish-less fillets was roughly the same as the equivalent breaded fish and because the idea was fish I treated it as I would the real thing. I put it with some spicy Mexican themed rice.

To be honest, like this it looks convincing as a piece of fish.

I started to eat it, slicing a bit of the fillet off with my fork and having a good chew. It tasted nothing like fish. The flavour was really weak, probably best described as a little bit gassy.

The spice in the rice had nothing to tame it because of the lack of other powerful flavour like a real fish would have. I ended up binning this and getting some leftover fish pie out of the fridge.

The weird imitation animal was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. There are things I don’t like but at least I can state why I don’t like them, the example being mushrooms and their weird texture.

This Fava Bean and Rice thing was just a pile of nothing, I can see how it’d work in a curry or something where a sauce can soak in and dominate it but if I go for veggie stuff then it will be broccoli with cheese sauce. I’m not convinced vegan meat-style food is nice enough to ever want to try again.

On a side note with the hypocrisy thing, why call it fish-less fillet and not just Fava Bean and Rice fillet?

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