My Favourite Yugioh Card

As an original series Yugioh fan I’ve had an interest in the card game since I was a small child. I returned to the fantastic game with Duel Links and Legacy Of The Duelist (LOTD) which both give a great experience for players.

I don’t really like Synchro as a style. I think XYZ is a bit unfair. I also think Pendulum and Link summoning are bad meaning I’m not a fan of the modern state of the game as it’s often like trying to use your whole deck in one turn.

This means I’m sticking to the classic play style, I may use Fusion or Ritual and I might use newer cards but to me limited special summon methods is best.

So then, my favourite card…

Raging Flame Sprite! Able to attack directly and can then increase its attack power permanently and multiple times by one thousand.

On LOTD this has been a joy to use. Protect this card and within two turns it can take on most low level monsters with ease or just keep smacking the opponent directly until they’re defeated. Add a Jinzo or a Spellbinding Circle on a Lava Golem and your opponent needs to find a way to defend itself. I’m a fan of life point burning decks that work with heavy defensive elements so when I build any deck I’ve got plenty to help my Raging Flame Sprite.

I’ve never been one for competitive play but the little Sprite can literally get around most things that the story duellists in LOTD including Yubel which proved annoying against other attack based cards. I’m sure would also be good in PvP as well.

I owned a Raging Flame Sprite card when I was younger and it brings back some nostalgia like not many other cards do.

The card also reminds me of myself. The weak little guy that when he gets to do his thing will grow better with every attempt, with proper support he can do anything.

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