A Terrible Feeling

I have many hobbies, or at least I like to try doing a lot of different things. One thing I enjoy doing is jigsaw puzzles. Using a picture as a guide while slotting little cardboard bits together and listening to music is a perfect way to relax.

I’m also aware of a sense of achievement when I complete a puzzle. Getting to those last few pieces and seeing it all come together is weirdly quite exciting, it gives a little buzz as the brain registers what it has done. This a a really good feeling.

The terrible feeling though. That’s when you get to the last piece of something that’s taken up at least an hour a day for a few days and the last piece isn’t there. See the left side of the world map where I just didn’t have the piece.

It’s just so deflating to get that buzz of almost done to be slapped down by the disappointment of not being able to finish.

I watched the movie ‘The Accountant’ recently which starts with an autistic child doing a jigsaw and he can’t find the last piece, this sends him into a wild panic. I could relate to that, it’s the same no matter your mental ability, you just want to finish.

Well, I’m annoyed at the moment because it was a brand new jigsaw. It could be on the floor somewhere, it could have been vacuumed up or maybe it wasn’t in the box to begin with.

If I don’t post again for a few days Happy New Year everyone.

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