I Watched: Darkman

Darkman is an interesting movie. I’d call it a superhero movie because he gets a sort of superpower but in truth it’s just a revenge movie.

The origin story is pretty good and makes enough sense that the audience can go along with it. A scientist trying to make synthetic skin gets attacked and has his lab burn down on top of him, his wounds kill off his nervous system so he can’t feel physical pain anymore. The lack of feeling makes his brain overcharge his emotions to a point where any stress triggers his fight or flight, producing adrenaline and giving him super strength. This also leads to a man versus monster inner battle as paranoia and fear set in about how he looks which makes him more dangerous. His logical side comes against his emotions and he uses his science to disguise himself as his enemies for stealth, combat and trickery.

As for plot, it’s quite simple with no twist or anything too unexpected. Darkman is after the people who attacked him. Being a superhero film, his girlfriend ends up under threat, there’s a battle on a high building and we know the hero will win. It reminded me of Spider-Man a bit too with certain scenes and even the ending being a little similar.

Honestly, Darkman was an enjoyable watch if you wanted a basic plot with clever methods. I think I’d have preferred a series where the ideas could be expanded upon but for what it was I enjoyed it. The biggest problem was the actual look of the thing because there were some scenes that just didn’t look very good.

If you want an intelligent protagonist who has super strength, face stealing abilities, a good actor and interesting character ideas then Darkman may be for you.

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