My 2022 NY Resolution

So, every year I try to think of something I can do, improve or achieve in the coming year. I very rarely actually do these things and that’s because I don’t really want to. Do more exercise, eat healthy, force myself to write more and on it goes as a list of things that aren’t fun or natural feeling. This year I’ve picked something that should fit in easily with something I enjoy. I’ll be Trophy Hunting.

Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and probably other platforms have a system for giving players a virtual pat on the back which awards players for doing something in game. Xbox has achievements which give Gamerscore that is usually one thousand total for an individual game without add-ons, when the add-ons are available the total goes up. PlayStation give Trophies which are separated into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and the Platinum is awarded for getting all the others in a game; add-ons get their own Trophy lists that are separated from the main game meaning I should be able to get the Platinum without having to hurt my bank account in the process.

I currently have one Platinum Trophy and hope to have five by the end of the year. This is a good goal to set because I usually abandon games that don’t thrill me after I beat the main story. The games I get Platinums on will be either fair enough or fun enough that I want to get everything. I probably won’t do games that require multiple playthroughs or different difficulties because I play on normal difficulty as that’s what’s intended. I chose PlayStation because of how they group things and because I’ve bought PS Plus this year and will get the benefits of that.

One down, four to go. Let the games begin!

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