I Got My First Covid Jab

The Covid 19 disease has been running riot for a while now and the UK government has been messing with lives and livelihoods for almost as long. A vaccination program was set up and I decided not to go for it until recently.

I didn’t and still don’t trust the idea of a rushed out medical solution that people don’t understand for a disease that scientists don’t understand. All we can go by is rumours. I may be lucky as I don’t know anyone that’s had bad Covid, for most it’s just been a cough or a cold so not very serious; the rumours I did hear were pain, suffering and death caused by vaccines (obviously this was from the internet so not completely trustworthy). I’m also at an age that was placed as low priority for the vaccine meaning either I can be sacrificed to this terrible disease or it’s not a danger to me. Oh, and we’re onto three needed now so the vaccines probably don’t work. I saw no reason to get it.

What finally made me book a vaccination was the idea of the stupid rules that are in place about Covid. Being prevented from going to work because I don’t have the disease but someone else does, this is because I’m unvaccinated, if I had the vaccines I would be allowed to work. There’s also discussion in government about a “no jab, no job” rule which would make life hard. So, to appease the dictatorial group at the top and put some security on my future I’ll get my vaccines.

Booking was simple and so was the actual jab. When I got there they asked me about breakfast (which I hadn’t had) and was brought a few biscuits to “fill me up a bit”, apparently you need to have eaten before the vaccines are given. Basic medical questions were asked, I was given a card and information page, got my jab and after sitting around for a few minutes I went home.

The information confirmed my fears. There were caution notes and ingredients (which mean nothing to the average person) as well as this:

Basically a warning about potential heart problems, more often happening in young men (maybe me, a young man). Once again though, lucky me. I only got a headache an hour later and an arm that hurt when I moved it five hours on (which lasted all night). Plus I felt a bit rough the next morning. If any of this worries you I’ve not got to the scary bit yet!

Yup, the above image is from the information page. Revised just over a month ago (what went wrong? What did they find out?). Further evidence is awaited (so basically still in a trial stage). This is terrifying! They don’t trust their own thing enough to not try cover their own backs upon encountering any problems, a note like this is purely to avoid legal issues.

I’m really not happy about the situation but thankfully nothing bad has happened yet. I will go for the second jab but like I say, securing the future as I can while guided by a rule set that acts against freedom of choice.

I have my reasons for doing and not doing. Go for what suits you.

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