Resident Evil & Me

After finishing AC Odyssey I needed something new to play, after looking through all the deals on my PS4 and Xbox I found a triple pack of Resident Evil (RE) Games. I’ve never really been into RE so at low cost it seemed worth it.

I did play RE7 which came with my VR set but I honestly wasn’t a fan. The idea of biologically changed people as a mystery in a creepy swamp was interesting so I had a go. I soon uninstalled it once I realised it was a game where you are chased and not the atmospheric puzzler I was hoping for.

In the past I had a PS2 and there were other Xboxs and PlayStations in the house over the years but RE never interested me. I liked warrior games and fighting so generally gave shooters a miss. I am aware now that RE is quite a well loved franchise by many, the old titles have been remade or remastered so I have an opportunity to find out what I’ve been missing. It’s a bit exciting to go to something well established and well thought of.

The early RE games don’t interest me now because of the huge monster men that follow the player around. They’re like artificial timers that try to add tension to the game but just end up being irritating like the dad in RE7 was. I prefer games that let me go at my own pace.

RE 4,5 and 6 were in the bundle that I got. I did a bit of research and these are the ones most likely to endear my to the series. I like action and puzzles. I don’t like being chased in games. The boulder punching ‘cool’ soldier boy that I’d heard of was supposed to have helped this series become more action and less horror, plus I’ve seen a Let’s Play of RE4 on YouTube that made it look quite good.

After RE4 finally installed it gave me a bit of background story, gave me a few minutes with Leon and sent me into gameplay. This is the point where I realised that they’d updated the console but not the controls. Tank controls! Wow, that made the start feel clunky and was really off putting. I do want to experience the game as I’m aware that it is decent quality when you can get used to it but this really wasn’t a good first impression.

My thoughts on RE5 after finishing the story are here: Resident Evil 5

RE Village looks interesting though. From what I can tell it has a better pace than 4 and is quite action focused. If any of the bundle that I’ve got manages to get me hooked I’ll be looking at that one.

I’ve also written other posts on this site about Resident Evil, below are some links:

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If I get far enough with my RE games then I could expand on this in future.

If anyone has any tips or wants a discussion feel free to comment below.

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