Quick Game Reviews – Lost Words: Beyond The Page, The Procession To Calvary, Firewatch

Lost Words: Beyond The Page – Average – This is described as a puzzle game through the pages of a diary, it sounds interesting. It’s actually a platformer where a mouse is used to move words and affect the world to your advantage in the fictional world of Estoria. It quickly becomes apparent that this is a game for children with the basic sentences and child friendly narrator plus a little girl protagonist. It’s not badly constructed and graphically it’s good, it could even be called clever or educational but as an adult I’ve found the gameplay mind numbingly boring. Probably for reading age girls really, definitely not for me although the Gran having a stroke seems a bit much.

The Procession To Calvary – Good – A strange but beautiful game based on old artwork and controlled by a point and click method. Foul language, a lot of humour and multiple choices to make lends itself to creating a fun interactive story. There’s instrumental music playing on repeat that could become annoying but fit the game well. It’s fairly short but doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Plus it feels like there’s a bit of freedom for the player. I can’t call it great because it’s a quick giggle but a little frustrating to work out.

Firewatch – Great – After a quick introduction to the story we play in first person as Henry, a Firewatch man who keeps up near constant communication with Delilah, his handler. The gameplay is basic with it being a bit of a walking simulator that has a few other interactions. The draw of this game is the peaceful and pretty environments that you wander through and the superb voice acting from conversations that are written quite well. This is a fairly short game that only lasts a few hours but it gets the tone just right for a satisfying and relaxing experience with enough story too keep you hooked.

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