Marvel’s Avengers – Bad

Marvel’s Avengers is a game based on the characters in the Avengers group from Marvel comics, it uses the heroes from the MCU but has a different story. The game is split into four campaigns and a multiplayer mission mode.

The characters play differently enough to find a preference but in the campaign that I started working my way through you’re restricted to Kamala Khan and the Hulk. The story is about the Avengers being defeated and retreating into hiding, this means it doesn’t really relate to the movies much.

During the campaign it puts the player in a situation where it shows how the online missions work, given that it’s intended for multiplayer this is a massive letdown. It just makes you complete objectives where everything feels the same. Most games reuse mechanics a lot but this game found the definition of repetitive and decided that’s what it wants to be. It doesn’t help with how weak the Hulk feels in combat, there’s no excitement when you don’t smash as much as gently bop.

Another problem with this game is micro transactions, every menu I clicked on took me to something that wanted me to buy in game currency with real money. The stuff being sold was largely cosmetic but there’re challenges that were restricted too and they’re an actual gameplay feature. There’s also a loot system which probably shouldn’t have been in the game, a well fleshed out skill tree would have been better.

I don’t really like these online service type games, they can be fun with a team but solo they’re often lacking. In my brief time with the game it didn’t do much to impress me. After playing it twice and getting a few hours in, I found no draw to go back to it and although I could see a properly built solo game working well, for such a huge property the game is just plain boring.

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