Quick Game Reviews – The Dragon Age Games

At the time of posting there are three Dragon Age games, all three of them slightly different to each other and all fantastic in their own way.

DA Origins – Great – Where the story begins. A war against monstrous creatures called the Darkspawn climaxes in a great battle which only the player character survives. The hero must gather allies to take on the enemy and save everything. A very well written set of scenarios and characters in a fantasy setting with nobility plotting against each other while a bigger threat looms. Classic RPG combat based on dice rolls and chance, it can feel a bit clunky but it’s so epic when things go right. The protagonist is voiceless which means conversation choices are written out and clear which is good for role play. The menus aren’t great in their layout but they are easy to adjust to. A more focused look at Origins can be found here.

DA 2 – Great – Hawke, a normal guy is fleeing from the events of Origins with his family and after working hard raises his status in the world until he’s a major player in the most important matters, deciding the fate of many along the way. An updated combat system that no longer relies on dice rolls and feels much more flowing. The dialogue system is dumbed down a bit with fewer options and no persuade or intimidating options, instead it’s more nice, nasty or funny. The characters are all still well written but they have time away from the player giving them more believability as it sometimes feels like catching up with old friends. Since the game is set around one city rather than a country this game feels smaller than the others from a plot relevance perspective and areas are reused.

DA Inquisition – Great – The third entry in the series is arguably the best yet, with a high stakes story, interesting companions and an upgraded version of DA2’s combat system that brings in new guard and barrier armour systems. Plenty of likeable and dislikable characters with deep and interesting stories to explore alongside a quest to save the world from a dragon riding Darkspawn wizard. The game has too many collect the item missions but other than that I can’t find fault in it. Dragons to hunt, prisoners to judge and a mission in the story that brings the politics of the game world front and centre instead of just leaving it as lore. The menus are easy to understand and the classes are flexible enough to not get boring after over forty hours. I played the add-ons for this one, they add optional features to the game that can change the way combat and character relationships work, there’s more missions and an extra bit of main story that focuses on one of the companions and the ultimate fate of the Inquisition.

Between all these games there’s something for every type of fantasy lover, be it story, strategy, an awesome world or different game mechanics I can recommend all three games as some of the best I’ve played.

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