I Watched: The MCU (part 7)(series)

Wandavision – Episode one is based on the style of an old American sitcom. The gimmick is how both Wanda and Vision have superpowers but no-one else knows about it. There’s a focus on how they’ve just been slotted into this life of theirs. Stories with miscommunication and misunderstanding means it’s quite clever in matching its style. Then it dawns on them that things may not be real. Episode two carries on in similar fashion with a bit of colour entering their world. There’s also more sign of a bigger story. From here it builds up story more as we find out what Wanda has done, we see how the rest of America reacts to this and Vision starts to gain awareness too, the show does lose a lot of its charm. It starts getting good at episode seven when things become clearer and gain a bit of pace. It all happens because an a man is too scared or too greedy to just respect the wishes of a grieving woman. A grieving woman that gives us an X-Men character with the actor from X-Men that gives us mutant fans something to hope for. There’s an explanation for everything, the story and the styles of some episodes are pretty good, we even get to see Wiccan and Speed (who have human names that I can’t remember). The acting is good too with Vision being a brilliant goof and a powerful serious character, and Wanda (who’s actor had a lot to work with) presents so many different emotions and eventually becomes the full on Scarlett Witch. Overall though, it was extremely boring for the majority of dialogue or images, it had its moments but other than moving Wanda’s story along it did nothing to be interesting (other than the X-Man’s appearance).

Falcon and The Winter Soldier – Two of the least powerful and least interesting Avengers characters get a chance in the spotlight. It’s a bit of a buddy movie style of thing where they don’t like each other but work well together. The tone of the series is pretty good and consistent with a covert operation, a new Captain America, the emergence of new super soldiers and a believable set of enemies for the abilities of the heroes. We get unlikely alliances and unexpected enemies. The action scenes are pretty good plus the plot is fairly easy to follow. The characters become much more interesting after a few episodes. The villain starts off with good motivations in a plot about political borders and immigration but she becomes merciless and harder to sympathise with the longer it goes on. The series takes racism and inequality as guiding themes and isn’t too forceful about it. We get the setup of new heroes and a potential future villain which is good for the MCU as a whole. I think overall I liked this more than Wandavision.

Loki – A character that’s been in the MCU from fairly early on has his story put back to the first Avengers where he was defeated before escaping due to the events of Endgame. An almost military organisation called the TVA keeps everything in time running as it should, they capture the escaped Loki and he learns of how the MCU went on. Loki then gets weirder. Many versions of every character exist and they fight one another while Loki learns to love himself. Ultimately, this show is about free will vs determinism in how actions can be performed with Loki hunting for the source of all the TVA. It’s quite a clever series and seems to set up coming dangers for the MCU. Quite good but needs a decent follow up adventure. Casting Owen Wilson was a fantastic decision as he has the natural charisma as an actor to appear alongside the well established Hiddleston’s Loki.

Hawkeye – An adventure set at Christmas time with one of the worst original six Avengers that explores consequences and gives us a new archer character, Kate Bishop. It starts out a bit boring with the set-up but proves to be quite a good show. The series has strong connections to Endgame and Black Widow so you should probably watch them first. Hawkeye’s story follows how Clint Barton (Hawkeye) behaved after Thanos worked his magic and the consequences of it with the Ronin version of the character being central to the plot and Yelena hunting Clint down, all the while a talented rich girl has acquired Ronin armour which gets her in a lot of trouble. We get to see Hawkeye as more than just a silly archer in episodes 3 and 6 where the characters’ quivers are filled with powerful arrows that could take on any Avenger as we’ve seen them so far. The writing was pretty good, especially for one weird guy and it was overall probably my favourite of the four once it got going. I don’t think Yelena got enough screen time but it wasn’t her show so that’s fine.

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