I Watched: Super Mario Bros

Clearly a cash-in on a famous name, Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo play the two famous plumbers that get transported to another dimension. The other dimension is populated by non-mammal human-like creatures that are connected to the dinosaurs.

The plot is about the Koopa trying to find a Princess and a stone so the normal dimension can be merged with theirs and taken over. Daisy is the Princess in this film. Using de-evolution the Koopa is building a lizard-man army who will turn the humans back into chimps, the King of Koopa’s land has already been turned into a fungus.

If the title had been something other than Super Mario Bros I wouldn’t have been able to guess that that’s what the movie was based on. We get some things that looked like proper Mario, but a lot of it just looked like a low quality old film would. It was over an hour into the movie before the brothers donned their classic red and green overalls. They were lacking any sort of Italian accent and the film didn’t have the cheerful charm that Super Mario should with the known character traits not being present in the writing or acting.

There were positives to this movie which included the soundtrack; We got a few scenes that were mildly entertaining action scenes and I did learn that the Mario bros have the last name Mario, I always thought they were named after the more famous brother ‘Mario’.

For an early nineties film Super Mario Bros looks terrible. It’s listed as a comedy but there was little to nothing funny about it, it wasn’t even so bad it was funny as it seemed to take itself seriously the whole time. The best joke was in a post credit scene. Just short of two hours of my life wasted, if you read this then hopefully I’ve saved you some time. I don’t recommend watching unless you’re very, very drunk or desire to waste time.

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