Xbox One Vs PS4

Recently I’ve been getting ready to move onto the next generation of consoles, I own both the Xbox One and the PS4 which has given me a chance to compare them both.

The Main Advantages – Xbox spent the generation establishing itself as a multi platform brand rather than just a console, introducing Game Pass and storming miles ahead with backwards compatibility. PlayStation focused on exclusivity and technology, bringing us some of the best console games as well as a VR set that doesn’t need a PC. Both have advantages, I bought my PS4 because it was a real gamers console but my Xbox kept me playing the games that really ignited the fire inside me, Dragon Age, Oblivion and more plus I tried a few games I wouldn’t have without Game Pass.

Controllers – The PS4 controller has a technological advantage, with a touchpad, a speaker, a share button and a light bar there was so much potential in the little beast plus batteries weren’t needed as it had an in built charge pack. The Xbox controller is sturdy and simple, sitting nicer in the hands with bumpers that felt less flimsy than the PlayStation controller.

Achievements & Trophies – These have been running as far back as the Xbox 360 days but I didn’t have the PS3 so I only found out the difference this generation. PlayStation Trophies are better organised with the main game being separate from add-on content making that sweet Platinum more achievable than full Gamerscore. The Xbox Achievements gained a proper tracking method at some point meaning some of the guesswork was taken out, I never figured out if this was possible on the PS4.

Later Models – We start off with a bulky console, then get a more refined, slimmer version until proper upgraded consoles come out. The Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro were the best from what I understand. From random technology terminology that they both boasted about I think the Xbox had it better but from gameplay comparisons to the basic consoles PlayStation had the prettier games to demonstrate so looked better.

Game Prices – After owning both consoles I did notice a difference in deals on the online stores. Usually it was only a pound or so but the prices could vary between the two gaming platforms. The deals on Xbox would sometimes change the prices more than their previous sale but PlayStation seemed to repeat the same deals.

Extras – Xbox’s Live Gold subscription has for a long time offered four free games a month while PlayStation’s PSPlus has only offered two apart from the odd special occasion. There was a period where PlayStation gave away around ten games for free to keep people gaming and this didn’t require a subscription, it was just free stuff and some of it high quality. Xbox has started towards destroying its Live Gold and has put a lot more effort into Game Pass which is a subscription that has a lot of games, perks related to other downloads and subscriptions, plus Xbox have a fantastic rewards programme that can net you free money or entry into raffles or charity donations. One time my dad received four pounds in Xbox credit for no reason from Xbox.

Which one’s better? The only real answer is that it’s down to preference. Because of the controller and rewards as well as Bethesda recently joining them I’m sticking with Xbox going forward. The PS4 was well worth it for the exclusive games and VR but as an overall thing I preferred Xbox. There isn’t a console war anymore as they’re going in more different directions and I hope this continues as Xbox is bringing all together while PlayStation is investing in new things. The next generation looks promising.

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